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One of the core principles of modern Object-oriented programming (OOP) says „Once and Only Once“. Having several places in a...

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They’re taking the Horde to Debian, to Debian! | Ralf Lang

Now that Horde Groupware 5 has been released as stable software, a lot of users noticed the shortcomings of the PEAR packaging systems. It does not provide an easy and smooth way to upgrade Horde 4 to...

Horde Configuration: How to move passwd app into settings menu | Ralf Lang

The passwd app is a password management/changing utility for Horde which normally lives in a menu „my account“ in the toolbar. While it has been released and is in production use at many sites, it is...

Horde Recipe: Storing the last login language | Ralf Lang

A simple Horde Hook to store the last chosen login value in a user preference. You can use this for example to determine in which language automatic messages by cron job or daemon should be sent. ...

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