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Visit Mikewest.org today and get ready to see popular Mike West things and facts: Mikewest.org has a low traffic rate estimated at 15K visits per month, which might identify a new or rebranded domain (in fact, it was registered 18 years ago), a site under construction, or a narrow-focused source with limited user base. Mike West website is perfectly safe for browsing and has built an excellent reputation. This project is hosted with Linode, LLC in United Kingdom, and has Nginx under the hood.


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Mike West is a Web Developer in Munich

eval(), new Function(), and other such text-to-JS conduits. This is a huge win, as CSP is one of the best protections modern browsers provide against XSS attacks. However, Angular’s implementation re...

Archived posts from 2006 — Mike West

December 20, 2006 I’ve seen a few Universal Binary builds of SSHKeychain floating around, but I’m paranoid, so I built my own. It’s easier than I expected. December 19, 2006 Metissian’s pre-build Sub...

“Starting out with the SVK Version Control System” — Mike West

SVK is a version control system that sits on top of a Subsverion, CVS, Perforce, etc. repository, and provides the promise of a common interface. Here's how to install it on OS X.

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