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Visit today and get ready to see popular Fresh Ports things and facts: has already achieved a moderate traffic rate (according to Alexa) estimated at 100K mostly male users from USA per month. Fresh Ports website is perfectly safe for browsing and has built an excellent reputation. This project is hosted with The New York Internet Company in United States, and has Nginx under the hood.

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FreshPorts -- The Place For Ports

FreshPorts - new ports, applications

FreshPorts -- databases/mariadb-server

Configuration Options ===> The following configuration options are available for mariadb53-server-5.3.12_6: ARCHIVE=on: Archive storage plugin ARIADB=on: Aria storage engine BLACKHOLE=o...

FreshPorts -- emulators/wine

- Update security/gnutls to 3.4.10. - Rename the LIBDANE option DANE because that's the name of the protocol supported by libgnutls-dane and gnutls-cli. Also clarify the option description. - Add...

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